Cheddar Squeakerz

Cheddar Squeakerz

“Cheddar Squeakerz”, also known as cheddar cheese curds; is what cheddar cheese tastes and looks like on the very day it is made, before the curds have been put into a cheese mould and the remaining whey has been removed.

What distinguishes cheddar cheese and cheese curds is age and the whey. Where cheese is all about aging and maturation time, cheese curds are meant to be enjoyed as fresh as possible, because over time the curds’ texture will become denser and more like cheddar cheese. We call it Cheddar Squeakerz because when the curds are fresh they squeak.

Curds are made the exact same way as our high quality cheddar, but without the aging and the compression (meaning the whey is not pressed out of the curd). When our cheese maker adds salt to the curds, it makes them turn into all sorts of different shapes. The salt also works as a preservative; this enables us to sell fresh Cheddar Squeakerz at room temperature for the first 24 hours after it is made. This is when it is best, but even after being refrigerated; it is still great at room temperature, slightly warm or even melted. The only way to have the squeaky noise back after it’s been refrigerated is to warm it up. Make sure you do not warm it for too long or you are going to get a puddle of squeak, which is by the way, still very tasty. 

Try them!

We make 6 different kinds:

  • Regular Cheddar Squeakerz
  • Cheddar Squeakerz with onion and chives
  • Cheddar Squeakerz with red hot banana peppers
  • Cheddar Squeakerz with garlic
  • Cheddar Squeakerz with jalapeno
  • Cheddar Squeakerz with garlic and Parsley